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Cincinnati 10/31/14 DEL Kubasek, Hudson (F) released
Glacier 10/31/14 ADD Flachman, Zac (F) acquired in trade from Texas
La Crosse 10/31/14 DEL Ebner, Ty (F) released
Metro 10/31/14 DEL Downey, Kyle (F) traded to Toledo
Minnesota 10/31/14 ADD Brown, Jesse (F) acquired in trade from Twin City
Southern Tier 10/31/14 DEL Collins, Jamie (F) traded to team in different league Roswell Bulldogs
Texas 10/31/14 DEL Flachman, Zac (F) traded to Glacier
Toledo 10/31/14 ADD Downey, Kyle (D) acquired in trade from Metro
Twin City 10/31/14 DEL Brown, Jesse (F) traded to Minnesota
La Crosse 10/30/14 DEL Drinkard, Jacob (F) traded to Metro
La Crosse 10/30/14 ADD Smith, Hunter (F) acquired in trade from North Iowa
La Crosse 10/30/14 ADD Sterne, Jack (F) acquired in trade from North Iowa
Metro 10/30/14 ADD Drinkard, Jacob (F) acquired in trade from La Crosse
North Iowa 10/30/14 DEL Sterne, Jack (F) traded to La Crosse
North Iowa 10/30/14 DEL Smith, Hunter (F) traded to La Crosse
Alexandria 10/29/14 DEL Scofield, Nathan (F) traded to Peoria
Peoria 10/29/14 ADD Scofield, Nathan (F) acquired in trade from Alexandria
Twin City 10/27/14 ADD Butler, Parker (G) acquired thru league transfer from Odessa
Cincinnati 10/26/14 DEL Stephens, Nate (D) released
Cincinnati 10/26/14 DEL Kippenhan, Joshua (F) released
Cincinnati 10/26/14 DEL Cuthrell, Kyle (D) released
Cincinnati 10/26/14 DEL Gregory, Kevin (D) released
Texas 10/25/14 DEL Severson, Jon (F) league transfer to Lone Star
Alexandria 10/24/14 DEL Mischke, Quinn (D) released
Breezy Point 10/24/14 DEL Eytcheson, Nick (D) released
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